Q: What kind of terrible people would make something like this? 

A: Um... people who like drinking wine and talking about feelings. No really, those are our two favorite things, so we figured we'd squish them into a single product and sell that shit on the Internet. We also like conflict-free diamonds, Danish design, and that Portlandia sketch about fart patios, but hey, not every brand can have it all. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: Where ALL the terrible people live: Los Angeles.

Q: Is there a giving angle to this? You know, like with Toms or Warby Parker?

A: Yes. We're helping you give cleverly-labeled booze to your sad sad friends who need it. If you want to up the ante feel free to wear your Toms or Warbys over to their house when you deliver the goods.

Q: I want to know more about you. Seriously, tell me ANYTHING.

A: Fiiiiine. One of us (the one with the cool hair and the shitty car) is named Courtney. In terms of vino, she prefers a crisp rosé and in terms of feelings, general themes include text etiquette, professional angst, and fear of dying alone. The other one of us (the short one) is named Liza. When it comes to wine, she usually opts for an unoaked chard, and when it comes to feelings, she likes to negatively internalize the success of her peers and (depending on how hard she's chard-ing) quote the self-help book du jour that's helping her forget about those assholes and live in the now. This paragraph is not the first time Liza has used the word chard-ing in a sentence.